Design, life and everything cinematic in between.*

*the life motto I was currently working on since 2013

Hi, I’m Ady Nugroho. You can call me Ady. I'm a mixblood of Balinese & Javanese (hence the name, and hence why sometimes you might caught me speaking both of them language).

I was graduated from Visual Communication Design at Bina Nusantara University, with a proficiency on New Media (a balance practical art of using Print & Digital media). My professional career starts from helping some agencies back when I was in Jakarta, engaging personal retail brand and continue develop myself as I'm working with more bigger company and as freelancer.

As a now-4-years Design Professional specialising in Graphic Design & Creative Marketing, I'm also enhanced on Art Direction, Printmaking, Interior Planning, 3D Sketches, User Interfaces for Apps & Website + Visual Merchandising, with not limited to Video & Motion Graphic. It's a plenty useful skills, just saying. 😌

I’m currently living back in my hometown, Bali, dedicating my life for a greater good & any design-related consultation.

Just say Hi! if you felt I can help, or if you're in town and fancy a couple cup of coffee. ☕️